This year's rather strange company incentive for Valentine's Day is Kraft's pink-colored Mac and Cheese. Instead of the usual Valentine's Day duos like chocolates and strawberries or stuffed animals and roses, Kraft has decided to make a new concoction by mixing candy with mac and cheese.  

The rather weird combination of magenta and cheese has a couple of Twitter users scratching their heads in disgust. One called it "gross", comparing the concoction to ground beef and questioning the reason Kraft would even make this flavor.

While others are surprisingly excited for the launch of the candy-flavored mac and cheese. One woman describes her excitement due to the significance of Kraft to her marriage.

The new pink mac and cheese kits are colored with beetroot and carrot concentrates, while the sugary taste comes from fructose and vanilla extract. In a reply to a Twitter user, Kraft had this to say about the taste of the mac and cheese. 

1,000 lucky couples can win the pink dinner by entering at this link. Kraft plans to mail out the boxes before February 14, so they can play Cupid for the lucky winners on V-Day. Put down the Cheesecake Factory and give this a try for Valentine's Day.