The upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians sees the reality family invite Alice Johnson and her sisters to Kendall's house for a lovely family dinner. Alice is the woman that Kim Kardashian fought to get freed from prison for a low-level drug offense, meeting with Donald Trump to make it happen. 

Kim and her family were dining at Kendall's house since at the time of the filming, they were evacuated from their home due to California wildfires. At the dinner table, as seen in the clip below,  Kris gets emotional when asking about Alice's life after her release. "When you left after... I want to cry right now, I don't know why," Kris said while getting quite emotional. "What did you have after 20 years to bring home?" 

Alice responded by explaining how she had her family members who she ran to the second she was freed. 

Kim explained more on her meeting with Donald Trump, and how she told him Alice had job offers lined up from family friends and those she knew before her arrest. That detail seemingly played a role in Alice's release, since the grandmother said many inmates would return to jail after having no choice but to result in illegal acts to keep a roof over their head. 

Kim is still working to free more people like Alice and as we just posted, she's helped at least 17 inmates gain freedom in 90 days.