Krizz Kaliko took to socials to share the album art and release of his forthcoming album. In November of last year, Krizz released the Immortal EP, which was followed up in January by the Forever EP. Although his next project is expected to be a full-length album, he has opted to stay consistent, titling it Eternal

Releasing all this music in such a short time might be stressful for most artists, but for Krizz, this is what he's been waiting for. Immortal was his first release in over three years. It signalled the end of a hunt for a new label. Krizz recently re-signed to Strange Music, the record label founded by fellow-Missourian, Tech N9ne.

After speculation that he would be leaving Strange Music, Krizz decided to take a step back and remain loyal to the base that built him. With the help of his fans and wife, while Strange Music executives were in attendance, Krizz proudly signed a Strange Music contract while on stage.

Krizz admitted to taking meetings with other labels but ultimately decided that he did not want to "restart" with a new label, especially ones that thought so highly of the imprint that he was signed to. 

Eternal will be released on March 13th, and we're very excited to hear it!