All is right once again. After the heartbreaking news that Strange Music mainstay Krizz Kaliko had parted ways with the label after over two decades of trailblazing, it would appear that a new deal has been struck. Kaliko broke the news while on stage in Denver, Colorado, scored by a spirited chant of his own name. "Listen," he begins. "I read your comments. I cried man, because I've been back and forth on this shit for years. I know ya'll know I haven't put anything else since Go. I haven't put out music for three and a half years and I was fucked up man. I ain't gon lie. The music business is crazy. My children miss me. But ya'll are also my family, man. I had to explain this shit to ya'll."

"I'ma be honest man," he continues. "I'm here to serve the world, I'm a servent of this planet. I know ya'll know that. You told me in the meet and greets and the comments, how I saved your life. But ya'll have saved my life, for real. I was a fat looking kid from Kansas City. They told me I wouldn't make it. The guy who put me and Tech together said I would have to put makeup on my face, and have to lose weight. But ya'll accept this fat funny looking motherfucker. Thank you so much."

Mat Hayward/Getty Images

Explaining that his depressive state left him unable to commit to the contract he received three years ago, he continues his passionate speech. "I was frustrated with Tech and with Trav, man, that's real shit," he reveals. "I decided to leave Strange Music." Despite the fan love, a few boos fill the air. "It's the first time I ever got booed too," he jokes, as the Kali chant kicks up again. "I decided to even quit music man," he says, reiterating that his children are missing him more than ever. "They cry every time. Matter of fact, make some noise for my wife!"

His wife proceeds to comes through and join him on stage, sharing a passionate embrace. "I told her I was quitting," continues Kali, his voice breaking. "She said, it's no fucking way you can quit." His wife pulls out a few papers, and Kaliko holds them up. "This is the contract that Travis and Tech gave me three years ago," he proclaims, as the camera pans to an emotional Tech N9ne. "This is the contract they gave me. I told them I was not coming back. But ya'll are my family too and I want to sign this fucking contract!" And he does exactly that, sealing the deal live on stage.

Like that, Krizz Kaliko rejoins the ranks, with Tech N9ne providing a passionate re-introduction: "Make some noise for the newest member of Strange Music!" Check out the emotional video below, which should resonate for anyone even remotely invested in the prolific label. Congrats to Krizz Kaliko and Tech for keeping the movement alive!