KXNG CROOKED "Shoot Back (Dear Officer)" Video

Danny Schwartz
October 27, 2016 14:01

PREMIERE! KXNG Crooked fights back against crooked cops in "Shoot Back (Dear Officer)."

KXNG Crooked's forthcoming concept album Good vs. Evil considers "a world where the victims of police brutality, government corruption and class discrimination fought back; but not through silent protest—but through violent protest." "Shoot Back (Dear Officer)," the first song from the album to be released, doubles as an open letter to crooked cops and a exhortation for the common people to rise up against people and systems who abuse their power.

In the "Shoot Back" video, Crooked is gunned down while complying with police orders, and the trigger-happy cop attempts to plant a weapon in his vehicle. But Crooked will be avenged by citizens who have documented the encounter and posted their footage online. Power in numbers.

Crooked also berates a cop in an interrogation room. The tables have turned.

1.) 'A Just Message' (Intro) (w/ Just Blaze)
2.)  ‘Welcome To Planet X (We're Coming For You)’ (with Eminem & The Observer)
3.)  ‘Dem People’ (with Xzibit & SAS)
4.)  ‘Robocop Went Pop’
5.)  ‘Rebel Party’ (with The Observer)
6.)  ‘I Want To Kill You’
7.)  ‘CrazyPsychoLoco’
8.)  ‘Intergalactic Hustling’ (with Boroc)
9.)  ‘Revolutionary Funk’ (with P Funk Pavarotti)
10.) ‘Shoot Back (Dear Officer)’ (with Tech N9ne)
11.) ‘Obey (KXNG's Speech)’
12.) ‘The Oath'
13.) ‘KXNG Tut'
14.) ‘Puppet Master’ (with RZA, KinG! & The Observer)

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KXNG CROOKED "Shoot Back (Dear Officer)" Video