Ranked lists have become one of hip-hop's favorite points of discourse, be it top 10, top 20, or even top 50. Whenever a rapper voices his or her favorite emcees, their list tends to be meticulously analyzed with a fine-tooth comb. Every omission is seen as a snub, as yesterday's fallout from Snoop's Eminem declaration proves -- consider the theories that have since emerged pointing to animosity between the "Bitch Please 2" collaborators.

Tech N9ne KXNG Crooked

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

In any case, Top 10 rankings are here to stay, part of the fun of being a critically-thinking hip-hop head. With that being said, KXNG Crooked has a crucial question for the masses. "Wonder what else Tech N9ne has to accomplish to be on those type of lists because damn," he ponders, seemingly frustrated at the lack of accolades the Kansas City Chopper has amassed throughout his legendary career. And for those familiar with Tech's discography, including his stellar earlier works like Anghellic and Absolute Power, there's plenty of material on which a case and be built. 

To be fair, not everybody is ready to parse through Tech's substantial repertoire, which includes fourteen studio albums and a handful of collaborative drops. It also feels like Tech has been hampered by his reputation as an exclusively fast-rapper, a conclusion clearly reached from a surface-level knowledge of his career. In any case, it's cool to see Crooked show his appreciation for everything that Tech has brought -- and continues to bring to the table. Do you think Tech deserves to be held in higher regard? We at HNHH concluded that he had the eighth best flow in hip-hop history -- agree, or disagree?