KYLE expressed his elation over Twitter this afternoon after finalizing the details his first ever world tour. The Twitter post offers fans a glimpse at the tour poster, but the rest of the information will be made available as of Monday. KYLE is keen to show the rest of the world what he's been plotting ever since his XXL nomination. The California-raised rapper offered fans the opportunity to enter a pre-sale password at a provided link, a sign up sheet on his website.

The "presentation" and tour merch will ostensibly be based around his debut LP Light of Mine. The experiment will test interest in his music overseas, something you can hardly predict before dipping both feet underwater. Cultural groups react differently to new artists based on exposure. They may find him amusing, or at worst, slightly abrasive from up-close. On the domestic front, KYLE is seen as a polarizing figure even though the subject matter of his work is generally positive in nature.

Skepticism aside, KYLE promises deliver fans "the best show they've ever been to." The option to buy is suspended until KYLE's announcement on Monday. Until then, KYLE promises to unwind like the rest of the working world, except for those sorry faces serving brunch on Sunday morning/afternoon.