Kyle Kuzma has had an up-and-down season with the Los Angeles Lakers although it ended with glory as the team took home the NBA championship last night. It was a triumphant victory that saw the Lakers up by 30 points for much of the game, prior to the fourth quarter when the Lakers stopped playing as they knew it was all but over. Once the final horn blew, Lakers players rushed the court, including Kuzma who at a young age, was able to secure his first-ever NBA title.

After the game, the Lakers took their celebration to the locker room where they were greeted by a whole lot of champagne. Every single player could be seen popping bottles and having the time of their life. Of course, Kuzma was among these players, and when he had to go do his post-game presser, well, he was feeling the effects. 

“I’m half drunk right now from all the champagne so I don’t know how to act," Kuzma said while appearing shirtless on the podium. His comments immediately went viral as fans were amused at Kuzma's honesty in the moment.

While Kuzma caught a lot of flack from fans this season, he is an NBA champion now, which is enough to shut the haters up.