Due to the Coronavirus, we just came off of the longest season in the history of the NBA. In fact, had the season gone on for just a couple of weeks longer, it would have lasted an entire calendar year, which is insane to think about. The Los Angeles Lakers ended up coming out of the season victorious thanks to their heroics out on the court, that saw the team dominate all season long. While LeBron James and Anthony Davis were the stars of the team, it's important to give respect to the rest of the roster, including Kyle Kuzma.

Kuzma had many ups and downs throughout the season, however, he never let it get him down and he pushed through until the very end. Winning the title has been an otherworldly experience for Kuzma, who recently took to Twitter to express just how crazy it's been for him over the past week.

"Yo just accomplished a whole life long goal. Like when I was 7 I wished and wrote down to win a nba championship. Just chilling at the table and started to sweat," Kuzma said.

Just a few weeks ago, fans had created a petition demanding that Kuzma doesn't get a ring if the Lakers win a title. Hopefully, Lakers fans change their tune and recognize that players like Kuzma were instrumental in helping the Lakers get to where they are now.