Yesterday, it was revealed that NBA players would be wearing some interesting hardware in the Orlando bubble city. Yes, that's right, the players will have to wear "Smart Rings" that will track COVID-19 symptoms up to three days in advance. These rings are meant to keep the players safe so that they don't get infected by the virus and end up spreading it to all of the other players. Of course, the ring does look a little suspicious and some players already think the ring could have a much more sinister purpose than health.

As Los Angeles Lakers star Kyle Kuzma joked yesterday, the ring looks a lot like a tracking device. Joe Ingles of the Utah Jazz echoed this sentiment as he seems pretty certain that players will be tracked.

The league is set to implement strict rules in regards to the bubble city. For example, only some family members will be allowed and any outside people won't be allowed in. This means the players have to be on their best behavior and stay within the confines of their hotel.

It remains to be seen how this bubble city plan will work out although we're sure it's going to be a whole lot of fun, regardless.