Kyler Murray was on the verge of having an MVP season with the Arizona Cardinals last year although a late-season collapse ultimately had fans looking at him funny. Now, there is a ton of drama in Arizona as no one seems to know whether or not Murray wants to play there anymore. He wants a new contract, however, there have been talks that the Cardinals have yet to engage his agent on a new deal. 

Now, rumors are circulating that Murray could be traded and that he is actually a cancer in the locker room. For instance, Colin Cowherd went on his show today and made the claim that Murray is not a player you can build around. Murray saw these comments and made sure to tweet out his thoughts, addressing Cowherd directly.

"Run whatever narratives y’all wanna run with… but questioning my work ethic, we not going for. Stop playin’ w/ me Colin. I still rock w/ you but cmon," Murray said. From there, Murray had some other tweets about his standing with the Cardinals and whether or not he would really ever want a trade. Based on his comments, a trade is not going to happen, and as it stands, he is committed to winning in Arizona.

"I wanna win Super Bowls with the Cardinals, AZ is home," he said.

Murray's situation with the Cardinals is a developing one, so stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest news and updates.