Earlier this week, Kendall and Kylie Jenner were subject to an eviction notice by the landlord of their New York Office. The Space is the head office of their fashion line, whereas the picture of the notice was leaked by an unsuspecting passerby who couldn't resist temptation.

The landlord posted a notice giving the sisters 5 days to make up 4 month's rent, thus threatening Repossession of Goods in the process. According to TMZ, the landlord has since rebuked his statement, chalking it up to a miscommunication. The leasing company otherwise represented by the landlord issued the following statement as an apology:

"There was a miscommunication due to a change in invoice procedures that led to this confusion. We apologize for any negative press the Kendall + Kylie brand has received."

They also went on to rectify the situation by stating that the sisters "have always been respectful and in good standing tenants."

The story seemed suspicious from the jump considering how successful the lingerie line has been for the sisters. The underwear line retails on the TopShop online store.

We may now move onto bigger and better things.