Last year photographer Michael Miller sued Kendall and Kylie Jenner for using his photos on a series of t-shirts. The line, that was quickly pulled, featured Michael's images of Tupac with images of Kylie and Kendall strategically placed on top.

New reports via TMZ now say that Michael has come to a settlement with Kendall and Kylie agreeing to drop the case against them. The publication reports that both sides have agreed to pay their own legal fees with no word on whether more money was shelled out. Sources tell TMZ that all the merchandise was pulled from online and let it be known that it wasn't their company that was printing the shirts, they simply licensed their pics to a third party company.

Kendall and Kylie may have dodged some serious headaches if this case continued but they are reportedly still dealing with a similar case involving some Biggie Small T-shirts. 

Speaking of Kylie, she recently hit up Instagram to flaunt her post-pregnant figure, looking like she never even gave birth just over two months ago. Check out her pics here.