Kylie Jenner is on the hot seat for seemingly trying to emulate Beyoncé's entire look in some of her latest photos on social media. On Thursday evening, Kylie shared some shots of herself all dressed up in a floor length, neon green, leopard print hooded dress and a long, curly, blonde wig on Instagram and Twitter. As a result, the Internet went off on Kylie, since the photos in question really make it seem she's trying to actually become Beyoncé.

On the IG posts and tweets, the first captioned, "giving you baby mama drama honey" and the second (on IG) captioned, "'I AM MY OWN MUSE' - TOM FORD," Kylie got called out in various creative ways for her exhausting antics. The Kardashian-Jenner clan have long been accused of appropriating the appearances and trends of black women, and many took to her IG comments and tweet replies to let her know that she was, once again, back on that bullsh*t.

However, others also specifically pointed out the alarming similarity to Queen Bey, and criticized Kylie for altering her appearance to such an extreme degree so as to intentionally rob Beyoncé's whole look.

Do you think Kylie is trying to look like Beyoncé?