Those pesky pregnancy rumors have dogged reality TV star and cosmetics magnate Kylie Jenner for the past couple of months, ever since reports broke in September that she and boyfriend Travis Scott were expecting a child together. With no confirmation by her or Scott, Jenner's silence has continues to intensify the whispers that she's well into the process of carrying a child. The couple have reportedly dropped upwards of $70,000 on items for the kid already, but even that is mere heresay at this point. However, when the paparazzi finally thought they captured a definitive look at Kylie's pregnant body, the young woman says that the contents of the pictures were in fact false.

As per E! Online, Jenner was recently photographed wearing a baggy sweatsuit out in public, supposedly trying to camouflage the fact that her midsection has grown in a noticeable way. Despite claims by the photog that the images were 100 percent real and unaltered, Kylie seems to think quite differently. In response to these photos, a separate one was uploaded to Snapchat, which featured Jenner wearing the same outfit as she did in the paparazzi photos, showing no significant signs of a body transformation due to a pregnancy. Taken inside a convenience store with her sister Khloe Kardashian, another image of their snack purchases was shared on the social media platform as well, with the caption "Girls Trip" written in bold, bright letters. They may have had the munchies but, in this case, there's no guarantee that it was due to eating for two, as it were.

[Images courtesy of E! Online]

This isn't the first photo-related controversy surrounding Jenner that has cropped up during the past couple of weeks. While documenting her Halloween celebrations dressed as an angel, Kylie's Instagram selfie of her with the other half of her "fire and ice" costume was shot entirely from the waist up. Whether or not she purposely meant to do this or not, many fans in the comments section for that picture still noticed and were very mindful of what the absence of a full body shot of Kylie in her get-up could mean. The rumor mill continues to spin but, if you ask the twentysomething mogul, we're still no closer to a firm answer.