Last week, Kylie Jenner was officially named the youngest-ever self-made billionaire, which ended up being something that angered a lot of people. Fans are unsure how Kylie Jenner and "self-made" can be used in the same sentence. While there has been much criticism over Forbes' article about the rise of Jenner's financial empire, she's continued doing what she does best: striking provocative poses on social media and turning heads on the street.

Cheating rumors plagued Kylie's relationship with Travis Scott just a few weeks ago but it appears as though things may have been patched over with the couple. Nothing has been made of the allegations since they were initially uttered and Travis has been conscious about how much love he shows for his girlfriend on the internet. He referred to her as the "queen" when he reposted the billionaire news, shouting her out during one of his tour stops as well. In a string of recent photos, Kylie showed off her figure while squatting in front of the mirror, taking a shot of her backside in a form-fitting dress.

Her entire dress was fit to show off every inch of her body, hugging her tightly and allowing her to keep jaws dropping around the world. Part of her marketing strategy involves the use of her social media and her body to keep fans engaged. She's doing that to perfection here.