Always one to keep us guessing, IG queen Kylie Jenner may be the mysterious third member of Terror Jr, the trio comprised of Felix Snow, Campa, and an unknown singer named Lisa. According to Pitchfork, that Lisa character is likely Kylie.

The rationale behind this Kylie conspiracy is that the social media superstar included Terror Jr's track "3 Strikes" in her "Glosses" video. We're not sure if that evidence is conclusive enough, so we'll let y'all decide. Terror Jr dropped a new track today called "Come First," featuring Father and Lil B. We'll let you decide if that female singing voice sounds like the one and only KJ.

Give Terror Jr's "Come First (Feat. Father & Lil B)" a listen below, and let us know what you think. Do you guys believe this is Kylie Jenner singing on here?