While it may not seem there's much to be hopeful for in 2017, one thing you can count on is another year of thirst-trapping pics of Kylie Jenner's rare physique. She has already put together a selection of salacious photos for her fans to enjoy month-by-month with her own 2017 calendar, which was entirely shot by Terry Richardson, who is controversial for his propensity to deal in racy photoshoots with the entertainment industry's youngest female sex symbols.

The cover of the calendar, which Kylie shared on Instagram, is relatively tame, showing her in a lacy black bra. On the IG page for The Kylie Shop, she also posted the back cover. The picture, which shows her lying on her stomach with a large snake wrapping itself around her, fittingly highlights her backside. 

Kylie took to Snapchat to show off one more photo from the calendar. For the month of April, Kylie sports a mostly fishnet ensemble, with black undies shirt that reads, "Please Insert Money." One hundred-dollar bills float around her blonde pigtails like a halo. "So f**king bomb, Terry," she exclaims after giving the exclusive preview. The rest of the calendar is to be kept secret.

Kylie and Richardson's calendar will be available for purchase on December 10 via KylieJennerShop.com