You know you have a massive wardrobe when you need an extra hotel room just to store all your clothes for when you travel. That’s the case for Kylie Jenner, who revealed to fans that she always gets a separate hotel room for her clothes.

In a recent “get ready with me” video on Youtube, Kylie showed off the makeup routine she’s been relying on while traveling with Scott and her daughter, Stormi, while on tour with Travis. In the clip, she revealed that she needs an extra hotel room for her clothes and make up products, saying Stormi also plays in that room too.

"Me and Travis have our own room, and then I always get a separate room for my wardrobe, my makeup and also Stormi so she can play around and have more space when we’re in hotel rooms, since she always travels with us,” Jenner explained.

Kylie has been tagging along with Travis for his tour, but she’s benefiting from it too. Jenner is selling her Kylie Cosmetics Lip Travis’ concerts alongside his Astroworld-branded merchandise. Nothing like making money together as a couple. 

Check out Kylie’s make-up tutorial (below) and listen to her talk about needing an extra hotel room as well.