Kylie Jenner gave birth to her first child Stormi Webster four months ago but she's already gotten her famous body back. The Kardashians are either absolutely hated or obsessively loved; there is usually no in between when it comes to their extremely dedicated fandom. The family is so concerned with their body images that they have basically capitalized on lucrative deals and insanely successful careers just for looking good. I don't want to discount their business acumen though as momager Kris and the sisters are each well-educated businesswomen in their own right. Kylie, being the make-up mogul she is, has built her fame from her lip kits and name-branded gear. Romantically involved with Travis Scott, the two hit up Cannes this week and while they were there, they visited some of the most luxurious shops the city has to offer.

Of course, Kylie had her famous curves on display during the shopping spree. Since giving birth, Kylie seems to have been working out like a maniac, already getting back her flat tummy and sharing more than enough material to keep her hungry fans happy. According to Daily Mail, Kylie and Trav went to Dior, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton stores while they visited the French coastal city. Wearing a printed minidress, Jenner made sure to show off her behind, the tool that has helped each of her sisters gain fame and notoriety. 

Props to Kylie on working so hard to get back in shape. Check out more photos of her shopping trip here.