Kyrie Irving had a very public split from his former girlfriend Kehlani after the singer got back together with her ex, PartyNextDoor. People instantly began speculating that she cheated on Kyrie, a claim which she has always denied, and things got so ugly that she reportedly tried to kill herself.

Now, roughly five months after, things have settled down and the Cavs' point guard recently linked up with Kehlani in Chicago to finally make peace. 

Although, while the two were photographed hugging it out in the Windy City, Kehlani's reps told TMZ the two are not an item.

"They are only friends, not back together."

"Things ended bad and they hadn't had an opportunity to see each other ... and they wanted to meet up face to face and make peace."

And besides, Kyrie is doing just fine in his single life so it looks like this worked out for the best for both, err all three, parties involved.