Kyrie Irving has retracted his profane stance against Thanksgiving, a day after passing judgment over the holiday. After being wished a Happy Thanksgiving by a courteous reporter following his team's loss to the New York Knicks, Kyrie responded by saying "F*ck Thanksgiving" as the segment aired on live television.

After suffering yet another humiliating loss at the hands of a bottom feeder team, Kyrie was evidently in no mood to share compliments with anyone, much less a sideline reporter. The Celtics guard has since offered an earnest apology to those who may have been offended by his outburst.

Kyrie for one is not alone in dismissing Thanksgiving; the holiday is embedded with racial undertones, especially for indigenous peoples in America, facing the eradication of their cultural artifacts as a result of social constructs like "Thanksgiving."

Kyrie nevertheless thought it would be in good taste to retract his statement with a carefully written statement via Twitter. His message: "Meant no disrespect to the Holiday and those who celebrate it respectfully. I’m grateful for the time We all can share with our families. We are always ONE."

Kyrie's mother was a descendant of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, an indigenous people who fought a resistance movement against oppressive COINTELPRO measures, for several decades. In August, Kyrie traced his inheritance by visiting the tribe. There he was granted the name "Little Mountain" by the tribe's elder council.