Going into last night's game against the Golden State Warriors, the Boston Celtics were having trouble with their team chemistry. It seemed as though Kyrie Irving was disengaged with the team and that the playoffs were going to be a rough go. That all changed though as the team came together and blew out the Warriors by 33 points on their home court. The score was 128-95 and the Celtics looked like a team that could do some serious damage in the playoffs.

After the game, Irving explained that the big win is largely due in part to some team bonding that occurred on the way to the game.

"That long plane ride helped us out," Irving said according to ESPN. "I'll just say that. That long plane ride helped us out. We needed it. It was just we were going to get to a point where we were just going to get tired of fighting each other, fighting the outside world. And it doesn't even really matter. So, we just wanted to come out here and just play basketball. This is our sanctuary. And we have to do everything to protect it. We can't let anybody infiltrate it."

With the win, the Celtics improved to 39-26 on the season and sit in fifth place in the Eastern Conference.