Kyrie Irving has had a love-hate relationship with the media over the years and recently, it came to a climax as he said he would no longer be doing media availabilities. Instead, Kyrie issued a statement to the press which was heavily scrutinized. After playing in his first preseason game last night, Irving decided to do a 180, and today, he made himself available to reporters. 

The superstar point guard spoke on a number of topics, including James Harden who is going through some drama in Houston. Harden has expressed a desire to be traded to Brooklyn, which would certainly turn the Nets into an automatic superteam. Regardless, Irving took a more diplomatic approach, noting that he wants the best for Harden, moving forward.

"James is a great player and I wish him well," Irving said via Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson of “I just want him to be happy, be secure in who he is as a man first and then as a basketball player, whatever happens between those conversations is between them."

At this point, it seems unlikely that the Nets can give the Rockets what they want, especially since they would probably want Irving in return. Despite this, Nets fans continue to dream and they will continue to do so until a deal is struck.

James Harden

Michael Reaves/Getty Images