A few months back Kyrie Irving and his sister Asia recently linked up with Houzz to fully renovate their father Drederick's home in West Orange, New Jersey, as a surprise gift.

Today, Houzz has unveiled the full "My Houzz" episode featuring Kyrie's childhood home and the makeover it received. 

“I will always be from New Jersey,” Irving said. “That’s where my father’s house is, that’s where I grew up. It’s where I get my attitude from, it’s where I get some of my personality from."

“He sacrificed a lot. He really was super dad. I want to do this renovation for my dad because he worked his tail off to get that house and provide for myself and my sister.”

Kyrie, with the help of Asia, worked with a New Jersey-based designer from the Houzz community to renovate and redecorate Drederick’s home, resulting in a much more open and functional space.

Check out the full episode in the video below. Fast forward to the 15:30 mark if you're just interested in the big reveal.