Earlier this week, Kyrie Irving finally came forward with an official statement regarding his absence from the Nets after rumors about his absence began swirling. After missing a total of seven games with the team, Irving told media that, "There’s just so many assumptions about what’s going on, and so many people feel like they know me best. They have no idea who I am." Adding that he was also dealing with personal and family issues, a new report from SportsNet New York's Ian Bedley is adding unresolved feelings regarding the Capitol Riots and the ruling in the Jacob Blake police shooting influenced his break

Al Bello/Getty Images

Begley claimed, "As an aside, I’m not going to try to guess as to why Irving left the club prior to their Jan. 7 game against the Sixers. Various reports have stated that he was upset over the riots at the Capitol Building on Jan. 6." He continues, "However, those familiar with Irving’s thinking said that the news that the Kenosha police officer who shot Jacob Blake won’t be facing any criminal charges factored into his absence. That event, more so than the riots at the Capitol Building, contributed to Irving being away from the club, those people say."

The former Celtics star was allegedly more upset with the officer involved in Jacob Blake's shooting not facing any criminal charges. Jacob Blake was seriously injured by police officer Rusten Sheksey in Kenosha. On January 5th, it was announced the officers involved in the shooting would not be facing any charges but will remain on administrative leave.  

Irving was hit with a $50,000 fine by the NBA for violating the health and safety protocol by partying without a mask.