America's leaders are finding every word they say scrutinized with a fine-toothed comb, especially those connected with law enforcement. Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore became a trending topic across social media platforms on Monday (June 1) following his controversial remarks about the death of George Floyd. The 46-year-old man was recently killed by four Minneapolis police officers while handcuffed and face down on the ground. He told them he couldn't breathe and cried out for his mother in his final breaths.

Police Chief Michel Moore
Jesse Grant / Stringer / Getty Images

During a press conference, Police Chief Michel Moore spoke about the protests and disturbances in L.A. “Last night, just under 700 arrests. There were 70 individuals who were either burglarizing or looting, victimizing businesses. So what that tells me is that, two things. We didn't have protests last night, we had criminal acts... We had people capitalizing. His death is on their hands as much as it is those officers." He then recognized that what he'd just said was "a strong statement."

In a Q&A portion of the conference, Moore clarified, "I misspoke when I said his blood was on their hands, but certainly their actions do not serve the enormity of his loss. What his name should stand for is the catalyst for change. I regret the remarks of that characterization, but I don’t regret, nor will I apologize to those out there creating destruction. His memory deserves better.” The backlash was swift as thousands called for his resignation. Check it out below.