A Twitter rant has been a typical part of any rollout for a Kanye West album but last night's tirade felt much different. The artist, who typically aims at naysayers within the industry, targeted those closest to him. He went off on Kris Jenner. He snapped on Kim. He lashed out at Shia LaBeouf. And, of course, it wouldn't be a Kanye rant without mentioning Drake! But the fact that he took aim at his mother-in-law and wife shocked many and seemingly confirmed that this was much bigger issue than simply the release of his forthcoming project.

Around the time Kanye stated that "slavery sounds like a choice," he insisted that he was out of the sunken place. However, the world of Twitter disagreed. Many believed that his life was parallel to the film Get Out and that the Kardashian clan is similar to the Armitage household. Kanye finally agreed with this. "Everybody knows the move get out is about me," he tweeted in the midst of the tweet storm.

It didn't take long for people to chime in but many expected cast members from the film to outwardly make a statement. Lakeith Stanfield may have not had the leading role but he played a significant one, regardless. He shared a photo of the tweet and simply captioned it, "Well damn."

Meanwhile, in the comment section, Zack Fox seemingly suggested that he embodies the role of Rod Williams. "We gotta rescue that man grab a sword and let's go," he commented.

Peep LaKeith's post below.