DeMarcus Cousins is currently being investigated for threatening the mother of his child. Last month, Cousins found himself at the mercy of the Mobile, Alabama police after they issued an arrest warrant on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. Audio of a conversation between Cousins and his baby's momma surfaced online, and it doesn't sound good. "I'm gonna ask you this one more time before I take it to another level," he said in the audio snippet. "Can I have my son here, please?" When the mother of his child says she will not let their son go to Cousin's wedding, the NBA player states, "I'm gonna make sure I put a bullet in your fucking head." 

According to ComplexAt the Lakers' Media Day on Friday, GM Rob Pelinka spoke on the situation. "I think the most important thing to say is the Lakers as an organization take allegations of domestic violence extremely seriously. That said, when allegations are made for any NBA player, the league takes over and handles that investigation," he stated. "We’re going to abide by the league’s lead on this as that’s being investigated, and because it’s a legal matter, we can’t really speak any further about that right now. He’s a member of our roster and a part of the team, and we’ll just have to wait for guidance from the league on next steps."