Lamar Odom has announced that his new book, "Darkness to Light: A Memoir" will be available on May 28, with pre-orders currently available via Amazon.

According to Amazon, the book will reflect upon the highs and lows of fame, including his struggles with drugs and alcohol, his marriage with Khloe Kardashian, and his dreams of a brighter future.

Per Amazon:

In Darkness to Light, Lamar gives readers an intimate look into his life like never before. His exclusive and revealing memoir recounts the highs and lows of fame and his struggle with his demons along the way to self-discovery and redemption. From the pain of his unraveled marriage to Khloé Kardashian to the harmful vices he used to cope—and the near-death experience that made him rethink everything about his life—this is Lamar as you have never before seen him.

Lamar brings basketball fans directly into the action of a game during the Lakers championship years. He shares his personal account of the lifelong passion that started as one shining light in a childhood marked by loss and led to his international fame as one of the most extraordinary athletes of all time. In this profoundly honest book, Lamar invites you to walk with him through the good times and bad, while looking ahead to a brighter future.

Odom, 39, will be playing for the Big3's "Enemies" this season along with Gilbert Arenas, Perry Jones III, Royce White, Frank Robinson and Craig Smith.