Less than two weeks after making his first public appearance since nearly dying of a stroke in a Nevada brothel in 2015, Lamar Odom has again been spotted out and about. This time, Odom attended a Cal State Northridge versus CSU Bakersfield baseball game. It’s tough to keep a low profile when you’re 6’10”, so it wasn’t long before people began mentioning the former NBA player on social media.

It was the home opener for the Northridge Matadors, and Odom reportedly spent the game by himself (no Kardashians or Kanye Wests in tow), cheering for the home team before heading over to the university’s training facility to talk to one of the school’s trainers. There are other rumors floating around that Lamar Odom went to the school’s gym to shoot around during his visit, but those have not been confirmed at this time. There’s no apparent connection between former NBA star and Cal State Northridge, but maybe his son is hoping to attend the school and/or play a sport there.

There’s a bit of a media frenzy surrounding the former Los Angeles Laker champion (our own post included). Given his miraculous recovery, we’re willing to bet that every appearance in public will probably considered a “surprise” appearance for quite some time.