The Pay Per View bout between Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter has concluded and it only lasted two rounds. This unlikely matchup confused the public when it was first announced months ago, and since that time, both Odom and Carter have attempted to engage in banter to hype the fight. After touching down in Atlantic City earlier this week, Odom showed off his fancy footwork in the ring during practice, and Carter returned the favor by displaying his skills for social media followers, as well.

The 6'0" Carter and 6'10" Odom didn't seem like a fair pairing, especially considering Odom outweighed the singer by 80 pounds. According to reports, Carter started off the fight full of fervor and launch a barrage of swings early in the first round, but it didn't take long before he got knocked down.

The beginning of the second round looked much like the first: Odom chasing Carter around the ring with weak punches. After getting a few hits in, Carter can be seen buckling at the knees in defeat as he hung on the ropes. It went down as a TKO for Odom and it was clear that Carter had enough.

People actually paid $30 to watch this card and, as expected, it has elicited all sorts of responses. We've collected a series of clips that make up the fight in its totality so you can check it out, as well as a few reactions, below.