Any drama that involves the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta usually involves the women of the show and any gossip that's been blown out of proportion. However, recent issues with one of the leading ladies Sierra Gates has to do with her life behind the lens since it involves her 14-year-old daughter who was assaulted by and student and her mother at high school. 

Sierra recently took to Instagram to slam North Atlanta high school for allowing another parent to physically assault her daughter on campus. "I got a text from my baby at 10:00am saying ma this girl keep harassing me on my ig & text saying she wants to fight. She also called her dad. I told her to try to avoid her tell someone and I’ll be there as soon as I get off work," Sierra wrote on Instagram.

"I literally was getting off work in a hour. At 12 noon I got another call from my baby screaming saying ma the girl mama up here in the bathroom trying to fight. I asked to speak to the parent to try to reason so she wouldn’t hit my baby 2 mins later the phone dropped and the lady and her daughter was attacking my baby," she explained. Sierra detailed how her daughter was not the "aggressor" in the altercation. The incident made its way to the city's local news station, forcing the school to release a statement on the matter. 

“The Atlanta Public Schools Police Department is investigating a physical altercation that occurred at North Atlanta High School, allegedly involving two students and the parent of one of the students. The parent was inappropriately provided access to the building by the student.”

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