Lauryn Hill's faced a lot of backlash in the past for either being late for her own concerts or not showing up at all. Unfortunately for fans in Nashville, the latter occurred and she didn't end up performing. However, this time around it might not be her fault. Hill offered an apology earlier today after Hurricane Michael prevented her band from getting to Nashville in time for the show.

Lauryn Hill apologized to fans who expected to catch the singer in Nashville last night for her Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill 20th Anniversary tour. She explained in a note posted on her Twitter that the flights for her entire band were grounded because of Hurricane Michael. The concert started at 6:30 p.m., but Hill explained that their flights would've arrived into Nashville until 12:30 a.m.

"Nashville, I am very sorry about the circumstances surrounding tonight's scheduled performance. Flights for our entire band and most of our crew were grounded due to Hurricane Michael. Flights keep getting delayed, our band now doesn't arrive until after midnight. We tried to find local musicians that could fill in, but there wasn't enough time to get it all together." She explained.

In the following tweet, she thanked her fans who supported her while issuing a response to those who were aggravated by the cancellation.

"Folks angry that I can't control the weather or airlines, not sure how to address your complaints. I didn't make the hurricane or flight cancellations up, you can check for yourself," she wrote. "I have delivered countless positive experiences for audiences all over this world. Sickness, weather, and production conflicts beyond my control force us to cancel, It is never my choice. I've performed when sick, when pregnant, with bad weather and delays, when it's possible."

She added, "If I don't get a pass for a hurricane, then you weren't rocking with me anyway."

Lauryn Hill previously canceled numerous dated on the tour after a failed show in Toronto earlier this year. The singer was late for her own performance and delivered a poor set, according to fans in attendance.