Lauryn Hill is best known for giving us one of the timeless hip-hop records of the 90's, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. However, she famously left fans hanging and has never released a follow-up LP, save for an MTV Unplugged offering which was released in 2002. In a new sit-down interview with Vlad TV, former Fugees cohort Pras details why she never made another studio album after Miseducation.

"She just felt uninspired," said Pras, who cited a lot of the great music that was coming out in the hip-hop world at the time as the context in which she made that decision. "This is a woman who has to feel inspired to create." According to Pras, money was never a driving force in Hill's mind, saying that, rich or not, she'd have made the exact same decision about studio music-making ten times over.

You can check out the full interview clip below.