LaVar Ball has been one of the most colorful characters in the NBA over the last few years and he doesn't even play in the league. His son Lonzo, was recently traded from the Los Angeles Lakers in a megadeal that took Anthony Davis out of New Orleans. When trade talks first happened, LaVar claimed that he didn't want Lonzo to go to New Orleans and that the Lakers would never trade his son. Well, that turned out to be incredibly false so now, the Ball family patriarch is walking back his comments and trying to claim he was engaging in some reverse psychology.

LaVar appeared next to Stephen A. Smith on First Take this morning and said he wanted Lonzo to be traded to the Pelicans all along. Of course, Smith was perplexed by this admission and told Ball to stop lying.

It's clear that LaVar is incapable of being wrong and had to try and convince people that he was right this whole time. Only LaVar knows if he's lying or not but based on the way he has acted over the years, it's safe to say he's just being a showman for the cameras. It's pretty convenient to say how much you love New Orleans now that your son has been traded there.

Ball also talked about how good the Pelicans will be this season with his son there, especially once Zion Williamson gets drafted with the first overall pick in this year's draft.

We'll see what LaVar has to say after 82 games next season when the true potential of the Pelicans will be revealed.