In August 2014, Pharrell was sued by Uncommon Content Partners, who, in 2012, had hired the musician to host a YouTube series titled "ARTST TLK." After one season and 12 episodes, Pharrell stopped doing the series as he was hired to be a judge on the NBC singing competition "The Voice." The producers of "ARTST TLK" claimed their contract with Pharrell demanded that he complete a second season of the show, but Pharrell, in turn, argued that said contract gave him the option to abandon the YouTube series if the producers couldn't work around his schedule. 

Almost a year and a half later, no agreements have been made. Just recently, Uncommon Content Partners filed a new order with the court, requesting that the judge ban Pharrell from continuing to produce and host his new OTHERtone radio show on Beats 1, which kicked off this past July. 

Pharrell's former business partners feel that OTHERtone not only violates the original contract they had with the Neptunes producer, but that the show also proves Pharrell had enough time outside of his duties on "The Voice" to continue hosting "ARTST TLK." Instead, they argue, Pharrell decided to unlawfully leave their show in order to create his own. 

This time, Pharrell has responded by asserting that any exclusive provisions in the original contract had expired by the time he began producing OTHERtone. He has asked the judge to not order an injunction against OTHERtone and to allow him to continue running the radio show. 

[via theJasmineBRAND]