Due to the Coronavirus, every professional sports league has had to shut down, at least temporarily. Some sports have managed to make a bit of comeback, like NASCAR for instance. However, the NHL and NBA are still in a prolonged hiatus although there have been some significant talks about a return to normalcy.

As far as the NBA is concerned, there are numerous teams that can now workout at their facilities, with limits of course. The Los Angeles Lakers are one of those teams but for the time being, they can't work out in groups. According to Shams Charania of Stadium, LeBron James and his teammates have found a loophole. As of right now, LeBron is hosting private workouts at a secured location where he can have up to two teammates with him at a time. In the clip below, Charania notes that Lakers players are frequently being tested and are also respecting the social distancing guidelines.

"All the safety measures have been taken," Charania said. "In these private workouts, everyone has been tested, everyone involved has practiced social distancing. Everyone involved has taken the necessary steps to make sure that they're following all the guidelines."

This news should be considered hopeful for basketball fans as we anxiously await the resumption of the season. Hopefully, we can get back to it sooner rather than later.