The NBA season ended almost two months ago but it already feels like an eternity since we've seen the best players in the world lace up and hit the court. In order to stay in shape for the upcoming season, players are starting to work out and get into their regular routine so they don't miss a beat once the season officially picks up again. LeBron James knows how to stay in shape better than anybody and has been holding quite a few workouts recently. Yesterday, James was spotted in the gym with good friend Chris Paul and the two seemed to be in tip-top shape.

Today, James and Paul welcomed Carmelo Anthony to the workout and posted some of the footage to Instagram. As you can imagine, LeBron made sure to crack some jokes on his friends, with special attention paid to what everyone was wearing. "We got half hoodie CP, full hoodie Melo, and 3/4 hoodie Bron," LeBron joked.

What's interesting about this meet up is the fact that Paul is now on the Oklahoma City Thunder, while Melo has been struggling to find a team to take him. Some fans are hoping for James to pull some strings and get Anthony on the Lakers but that might be a bit of a stretch at this point.

Perhaps teams will take more of a look at Melo, knowing that he's working hard to be in game shape for next season.