LeBron James accomplished something he’s never done before in his career Tuesday night. The King was ejected for the very first time late in the 3rd quarter against his old team Miami Heat.

With about two minute to go in the 3rd, James drove to the basket and missed a layup, which he believed he got fouled on. He instantly threw a tantrum, complaining and yelling at referee Kane Fitzgerald, who gave him a technical foul and then quickly ejected him.

James told NBA TV after the game: “I’ve never been thrown out in my life. They always say there’s a first time for everything. Tonight was the night.”

There was some speculation that James might have touched ref Fitzgerald during their exchange, but the Cavaliers' public relations department confirmed to USA Today that James did not make contact.

"I got fouled and showed my frustration to the ref, and he sent me to the locker room," James told reporters after the game. "You know, that particular play I got fouled all the way up the court - from the time that I stripped him all the way until I got to the rim.”

"I said what I had to say and I moved on. He decided I should get two of them. It is what it is. We got the win, and that's what's most important,” LeBron added.

Ref Kane Fitzgerald was reportedly asked about the ejection after the game as well, and he said LeBron threw an air-punch at him and aggressively charged at him, before using vulgarity in his ear. He said he didn’t give him 2 technicals either, but rather just the one and ejected him for it.

Check out the play that LeBron got ejected over (below) and peep ref Kane Fitzgerald’s comments about it as well. What do you think? Should Lebron have been ejected over the no-foul call or nah?