Even though he isn't exactly the best player in the league, there is a lot to say about what kind of teammate Jared Dudley is. Dudley has been known to defend his teammates whenever they need it and on Wednesday night, that's exactly what he did. At one point, Dwight Howard and some Orlando Magic players were battling for a rebound when a little scuffle started. That's when Dudley came in and gave a little shove to someone in the pile-up.

Dudley was eventually ejected from the game which arose quite a bit of suspicion. After the game, LeBron James spoke to reporters about the incident and explained how Dudley is the best teammate you can possibly ask for.

“I mean, that’s all it takes to get ejected? These days? Little shove?” James said via ESPN’s Dave McMenamin. “I’ve seen a lot more than that. But ‘Duds’ will do whatever. He told you guys at media day his job is to come in here if somebody goes crazy, do something crazy to me or AD or whoever on the team, he’s going to be the muscle.”

The Lakers eventually won the game and improved their record to 22-3. We're sure Dudley's contribution in the form of standing up for his teammates was greatly appreciated.