Lebron James ensured he got to spend 'time' with his family on Christmas Day, despite not being a physical presence. The NBA player is preparing to play against the Golden State Warriors in the Bay Area, and thus wasn't able to be home for Christmas this year.

Instead, Lebron made his presence felt by way of FaceTime. In video footage shared by TMZ, we see Lebron FaceTiming his family as the gift-opening goes down, with the highlight surely being his daughter. She simply couldn't hold back the screams of joy, reaching impressive vocal heights, as she unwrapped gifts. Lebron's son remained a bit more grounded as he opened up a snowboard.

Peep that video footage below. We're hoping all your gift-giving and opening this year was this well-received.

In related news, a few days prior to Christmas Lebron revealed a mini-documentary, Long Live The King, as part of a KITH collaborative effort, which also includes a special edition of 15s.