LeBron James always makes waves on social media whenever he speaks so it shouldn't be surprising that he had NBA fans in a tizzy last night while watching "The Last Dance." Throughout the episodes, Michael Jordan has spoken at length about Madison Square Garden and how it was his favorite arena to play in. Just like his idol, LeBron is a huge fan of MSG and always speaks highly of the arena whenever he gets to play there. In the past, his love of MSG has led to speculation that he might play for the New York Knicks one day.

Last night, LeBron added nothing but fuel to that fire as he complimented MSG saying there is nothing like it. Well, as you can imagine, Twitter did its thing and Knicks fans began to speculate about a potential LeBron signing in 2022. Of course, the vast majority of the reactions were people making fun of Knicks fans for being a bit too eager.

The Knicks haven't had very much to cheer about over the last decade so it makes sense that they would latch on to LeBron's words. With that being said, getting LeBron at the tail end of his career wouldn't exactly be a best-case scenario. 

At least the Knicks are in contention for LaMelo Ball this year. That certainly makes things a bit better.