If the "LeBron likes a mediocre rap song" meme wasn't enough, the Los Angeles Lakers' forward continues to blur the lines between rapping and ballerism. Bear in mind, Rick Ross is not a mediocre rapper, but the fact LeBron James reached out to him is pretty funny given the nature of Bron's noted rap groupieism.


But I digress, urging Rick Ross to finish Port of Miami II as he did two days ago, is hardly a bad initiative on his part. Port of Miami II is the feel-good story that rap needs after a mournful 2018.

On Wednesday, Bron got right in his ear via social media by inferring that Ross was working on Port of Miami II with very little (deserved) fanfare. "Talk to me bro! I need some of that slick talk u be on. I know you working on that project." Rozay responded right away saying, "Yes Sir!!." The exchange continued into the week.

During LeBron James' successful tenure with the Miami Heat, Rick Ross was one of the more ardent supporters cheering him on from the front row. With Rick Ross' jolly presence close to the scorer's table, the Miami Heat were able to lift three championships in the span of a decade, two of which accounting for LeBron James' dynastic run with the "big three."

Be on the lookout for Port of Miami II!