It looks like LeBron James wants his son, Bronny Jr. to go play basketball for Coach K and Duke when that time comes. On Wednesday, ESPN shared a clip on IG of Coach K’s post-game comments last night about dialing down the hype on his players & team. “And Duke fans. Just cut it out, man. These kids aren’t perfect. So my kid isn't playing hero ball he’s playing Winner’s ball,” Coach K said to reporters after the game and LeBron loved it.

In fact, King James jumped in the comments of ESPN’s post and applauded Coach K’s comments, further revealing that he wants his sons to go play for him. “Big FACTS! Love Coach K!! The absolute BEST! Hope he’s still at the helm when my boys come up,” James said.

Thankfully for LeBron, the relationship goes both ways too as Duke has been eyeing Bronny Jr. over the past couple years. In fact, Bronny had an “unofficial” visit to Duke back in July, where he got to tour the campus and meet Zion Williamson & RJ Barrett.

Fans have been overreacting to this news this afternoon with most people already saying that Bronny is “definitely” going to Duke, but we’ll have to wait and see. As one person pointed out, what a fitting way for Coach K to ride out to sunset and retire than winning a title with Bronny Jr and LeBron there in attendance.

Check out the comment that everyone is talking about (below).