LeBron James and Tiger Woods are very similar in the sense that they are both one of the best to ever play their respective sports. Woods was a dominant golfer well before LeBron was even in the NBA and while Tiger has been on a steady decline over the years, there is no denying that he is still a legend who commands respect from his peers.

This weekend, Woods is in a tournament with his 11-year-old son Charlie, who just so happens to also be an exceptional golfer. In the clip posted below, Charlie hit a massive shot on the fairway that led to an eagle. LeBron immediately saw this and took to Twitter where he expressed his amazement at Charlie's skill. 

Of course, LeBron can relate to Tiger and Charlie's journey when you consider how LeBron's 16-year-old son Bronny is a sophomore in high school who is destined to do some pretty big things. In fact, there is a chance he could end up in the NBA, with LeBron playing by his side.

As for Tiger's son, he already has the potential to become a star and he certainly has the genes to do so. Perhaps in ten years from now, we will see Charlie and Bronny dominating their respective sports, just like their fathers did.

Tiger Woods

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images