James Harden was the number one trending topic on social media last night as he was part of a blockbuster deal that sent him to the Brooklyn Nets, where he will now get to play with the likes of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. This trade was massive as many believe it makes the Nets a potential suitor to knock off the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals. The Lakers have proven themselves to be an elite team for the second year in a row, and now, the Nets look like they can match them.

In a hilarious Twitter sketch, comedian Mark Phillips recreated what it must have been like for LeBron after first hearing the news of the Harden trade. Phillips depicts LeBron as incredibly angry, all while taking it out on his teammates. Funny enough, James actually saw the clip and reposted it all while reiterating some of the lines. Clearly, LeBron found it all pretty amusing.

The Lakers won't have to worry about the Nets too much throughout the season although if the Nets can make their way through the East, an intriguing NBA Finals matchup could be on the horizon. However, this all hinges on whether or not this high-flying Nets team can find the chemistry to stay competitive.

Let us know how you think the Nets will do with Harden on the roster, in the comments below.

LeBron James

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