NBA teams hoping to persuade LeBron James into signing with their organization as a free agent this summer won't have an opportunity to deliver lengthy pitches. According to ESPN's Ramona Shelburne, LeBron "might meet or speak with a club official or owner at some point," but he has no intention of hearing elaborate pitch meetings from teams.

The 33-year old All-Star forward, coming off his 15th NBA season, has until Friday to pick up his $35.6 million player option with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Should LeBron explore free agency, as expected, Shelburne notes he has enough understanding to make a decision without being courted by hopeful franchises.

"Should James become a free agent, league sources believe he and his agents Rich Paul and Mark Termini have enough understanding of the stakes and NBA landscape to handle the process without much fanfare."

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith says Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul has been telling people that 'Bron prefers L.A. over H-Town. “Chris Paul is telling folks LeBron ain’t trying to come to Houston, he wants to be in L.A.,” Smith said on one of his recent podcasts.

Additionally, Akron Beacon Journal reporter Marla Ridenour said that LeBron "does not like Houston as a city."

“I heard this from his own lips when we were in Houston this season,” Ridenour told ESPN Radio (around the 37:00 mark here, H/T Yahoo Sports). “He does not like Houston as a city. So, that would require him moving to a place that he’s not crazy about.”