LeBron James had himself an interesting 2020 that had plenty of drama up until the very end. Of course, LeBron won his fourth NBA title in 2020 which is a massive achievement that Lakers fans were excited to share. In 2021, LeBron is looking to win his fifth title, which is a total that would match the likes of Kobe Bryant.

Just before the new year, LeBron turned 36 years old which is a huge milestone for the NBA superstar. With older age comes more wisdom and LeBron is certainly looking to instill that wisdom upon his children. In fact, LeBron is even looking to share that wisdom with the world as he took to IG last night with a motivational message for his followers. Even though 2020 was bad, LeBron seems to be under the impression that 2021 can be great, as long as we put in the work.

"Mood at 36 and walking into the New Year! Ain’t nothing changed but the tail # on the ✈️. Stay low and keep firing! Appreciate all the bday wishes too! Let’s get it!!" LeBron wrote on IG.

These are certainly some strong words to live by although only time will tell whether or not 2021 is any better than its predecessor. 

LeBron James

John McCoy/Getty Images