LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Championship last weekend in stunning fashion as they blew out the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the Finals. Immediately after winning the title, the Lakers team took the first flight out of Orlando as they all made it back home safe and sound. Since coming home, most of the players have been relaxing at home as they realize what they were just able to accomplish. Winning an NBA title is huge, and these players are starting to feel the full scope of their success.

James has won the championship four times throughout his career with this being perhaps the sweetest title given the circumstances. In fact, LeBron and the Lakers were spotted in Las Vegas this weekend, as they looked to celebrate what was an incredible year. In the clip below, LeBron can be seen parading the streets of Vegas, with the Larry O'Brien trophy in his hand.

The Lakers superstar was even greeted by a group of fans who were excited to see the trophy so up close and personal. For now, this is the best thing the Lakers can offer as a parade in Los Angeles simply isn't feasible.

No matter how the Lakers are forced to celebrate, there is no changing the fact that they are champions.